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 Pump and Well Repair Services

Alberg Water Services would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. If you and your staff expect lots of municipal well service experience, we are the guys to call. For over 30 years, the Alberg brothers have provided a personal style few others can match. We operate our business with a focus on communication and efficiency. As tradesmen and owners doing all aspects of the work, we offer more attention to each job. Quality shows in our products and services.

Our family involvement in pumps and wells dates back a generation to the 1950ís, under the name of Layne Minnesota Company. Many customers are still operating the equipment we originally installed.

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Providing complete repair capabilities involving lineshaft turbine, submersible turbine, centrifugal, and propeller pumping equipment. Sales of pump bowl assemblies, motors, heads, threaded and flanged column pipe, and all related parts


Well rehabilitation / acid cleaning project at Glenwood Inglewood Water in Minneapolis


Pump rehabilitation super-chlorination of 16-inch screened well in Grand Rapids Minnesota











Turbine pump rehab. & acid cleaning of a 16-inch well. City of Crosby Minnesota.


Drilling of a 6-inch domestic well for a wastewater treatment facility constructed for the cities of Annandale, Maple Lake and Howard Lake.


Nothing is too big for the Albergs. These St. Cloud Water Treatment Plant high service booster pumps range from 100 to 500 horsepower! Ask the folks at St. Cloud what they think of our service. Our Dad installed their first pumps in the 1950ís










Residential and seasonal lake home water supply systems. Pictured is a simple setup for a seasonal lake property- warm weather only.





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